frustrated, installation, rails, ruby

I’m the king of the world!



I decided to step away and go to bed and try again tomorrow.   Took a shower and decided to try one last time. .. 45 minutes later…I.FREAKING.GOT.IT!!!! I’m so… omg. .. Christmas came early for me!


If you or someone you love is struggling with installing ruby on windows: this is what got me over the hill:


Source:  Stackoverflow!

Omg… I’m…words can’t describe just how competent I feel!

This accomplishment brought to you by blood, sweat and tears and by the word Google.


frustrated, installation, rails, ruby

Installing Rails on Windows…

Makes me want to put the Windows OS on the tracks and run over it with the #4 train a few times.

It wasn’t any easier when I tried it on Ubuntu.  In fact, I got further with windows than with Ubuntu. Seriously, I SO getting a mac.  I’m so done.

I swear, if I still had a guild on World of Warcraft I’d name is “binding_of_caller” in honor of the gem that stumped me.  UGH.

and to this a migraine from playing with minecraft and it’s pretty much been a crappy 3.5 hours.  At leas tI’ve become very familiar with the command prompt, which by the way, SUCKS.  I prefer Ubuntu’s terminal.  At least it was purple.  Yes, I know I can change it, but why go through the trouble?

time spent tonight: 3.5 hours