I’ve signed up for Dain Miller’s Advanced Beginner Challenge.  I took the Javascript course and am learning React.Js and Vue.Js.


The first couple of days starts with reading and watching youtube videos to become familiar with the syntax and language.  The videos and reading material have been great, but as always, the concept of javascript, though I understand vanilla terminology, some concepts still aren’t clicking for me.

I have found that Codecademy (which I haven’t accessed in a long time) has a React.js tutorial.  I’ve been reading the little introduction and so far, it seems like it’s pretty well detailed and in a few paragraphs has shed a little insight into why folks are using React.js:

  • Speed-  apps written in React can “handle  complex updates and still feel quick and responsive”.
  • Modular-   Can write many small reusable files, instead of one large chunk of code.  This helps with maintainability.
  • Scalable-  Can handle large programs with changeable data.
  • Flexible- Is being used for more than just webapps.  It’s potential is being experimented with.

I can’t wait to really take a chunk out of this tutorial and see what I’ll be building soon.