Designing Woman

My Skillcrush Visual Design Blueprint is over, but I am still working on finishing up some of the work.

At times, a part of me wants to finish the work, put it on my portfolio and use it to find a few projects.  At other times, it feels like I already have a few projects on the table and I should just focus on those projects and finish up the class when I can.

I was sick for the past week, and didn’t have to focus on what to decide. Today an opportunity presented itself at work, and I ended up making a logo for my Company’s cancer walk team.  I showed my boss my sketch and she liked it. I hope she likes the computerized version.

It was the first time in a long time that I sat at the computer and TRULY enjoyed every minute of my tweaking every anchor and handle on this logo. I had so much fun.  I’ll show it off after I get some feedback. I don’t like showcasing work before the client sees it, but I’m proud of it, if I do say so myself.

It’s giving me the confidence to finish the other real-life  project I have been working on, but kind of hesitant to touch the past few weeks.

I started feeling hesitant and a little bit apprehensive for a few weeks now because in taking these design classes, I stopped coding for almost 18 weeks. I went to code a simple sight and despite my knowing html pretty well, for the life of me, I couldn’t set up the nav bar to look like I wanted and it made me doubt myself. How can I call myself a developer, when I have to reference if my <ul> and <li> are in the right sequence?  I know it’s impostor syndrome rearing it’s ugly head.

But it’s not affecting me tonight.  Tonight, I feel good. I feel accomplished. This felt right.