I’m crushing on Skillcrush

This summer I signed up for Skillcrush’s Visual Designer Blueprint. I knew it would be an online course and I knew it would be extensive, being that I previously took the WordPress Blueprint  but never finished (okay, I didn’t even make it halfway, will probably ask to join a future Woprdpress session.)

The class is officially over (though the content is available to me forever), and though I haven’t finished all the assignments, I am almost done. The group will be active until the end of this month and I plan to finish everything within the next week or so.  I knew the class would be involved, but I didn’t think I would learn THIS much.

You definitely get your money’s worth by taking this class. The assignments seem easy as your watch the videos and read the instructions, and they are.  The instructions are simple, well explained and to the point. I highly enjoyed myself while doing the exercises and wanted to get really involved in each assignment, and that’s great, however, it’s one of the reasons it made me fall behind a bit, the main reason being that it’s summer and it’s not easy staying locked up doing work when you have a little one and the sun is shinning.

The class moves quickly, but steady. The instructors are HIGHLY involved and I’m shocked that they work what seems to be around the clock. They answered every question and concern, gave feedback and were pleasant.  You can sign up for hangout feedback sessions where you can go over an assignment, discuss it with fellow classmates that also signed up and you can provide them with constructive criticism (as they can to you) and you they’re fun!  I was only able to attend one, but I highly enjoyed putting a voice and face to the work you see everyday.

During this Blueprint I learned about user personas, branding, how to use illustrator, what inDesign actually is and how to use it, updated my Photoshop skills, learned more about UX/UI design and really got into the psychology behind creating a site/brand/image.  It was also helpful to see other people’s work and how they interpret the same assignments and their take on things. It’s a really cool process.

The main thing I took away from taking this class is that I love this field. I am capable, and have the skills to really put myself out there and I believe taking this class really cemented that in me.  Okay, back to finishing up. I think the next post I make, I will share some of the work I’ve done for the class.