Crushing it

I signed up for Skillcrush’s new Visual Design Blueprint a few weeks ago.   I felt I was lacking a few skills/needed to brush up on things I learned back in college.  I feel that in order to really make my websites not look amateurish, I need to polish my design skills, brush up on photoshop and finally learn illustrator.

I was having trouble pinpointing why the few websites I’ve created look nice, but, they looked… basic and needed to look a bit more polished. So, when the email came announcing this new blueprint, I jumped all over it.

I had previously signed up for the wordpress blueprint and enjoyed it and learned a few things. I didn’t finish it, but Skillcrush has an awesome policy that if you didn’t finish the class, or wanted to brush up on things, you can always go back and access the material. I’ll eventually finish it.

I’m starting to feel a little more confident and I’m having fun.  I am almost done with week 2 and I’ve already learned so much.  I’ve learned about grids, mood boards, user personas (which was one of the hardest things I’ve done, but in the end turned out to be one of the most helpful) and storyboarding (which when I started out felt silly, but turned out to be very helpful and an eye opener).

I can’t wait to see what next week holds.  I’m so excited to start utilizing these skills to make Mylings and Stacy’s sites gorgeous.


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