Stuck like Taffy on Teeth


I’ve spent most of this weekend working on this problem. And yes, I’ve looked up the answers and I still don’t understand HOW some people came up with the answer because in my head, it doesn’t work out how it’s working out for them.  I don’t even KNOW how some people came up with their answers, it’s like… they know more Javascript than the level they’re at on Freecodecamp and just seem to plug things in.  I’m trying to use what I’ve learned from FCC and trying to figure it out, and it’s just NOT.  I think I need to take better notes || complete the sample review after the learning few learning lessons. That last sentence was a programmer joke , “||” is programming for “Logical Or ” Operator.  I think that was my first programming joke, but knowing myself, I probably got it wrong (like my grammar in this past sentence).


3 thoughts on “Stuck like Taffy on Teeth

  1. The game does two checks.
    First, it will read the input data and add the corresponding value for the variable ‘count’.
    Then, it checks the value of the variable ‘count’ to return.

    Do NOT reset count to 0 when value is 7, 8, or 9.”, so in this case, just write ‘break’ and the if else logic is:

    if ( count < = 0 )
    return count + "Hold" ;
    return count + " Bet" ;

    PS: sorry for translator xD


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