Countdown Freecodecamp

4.23.16- 2 hours

4.24.15- 2 hours

Hours remaining prior to this weekend: 379

Hours  remaining after this weekend: 375 hours

Goal:Front-End Developer Certification by August 26th, 2016


I know this much is true…

When you walk away from things after banging your head on the keyboard for an hour, you tend to come back with a clearer head.

Went to bed, woke up and remembered that amazing youtube video that explained functions to me a few months back.

Check it out here!



I decided to do 20 hours a week of FreeCodeCamp. I calculated how long it would take me  to earn  the Front End Developer Certificate at this rate and I should be earning it by August 26th of this year.

That’s my goal. I just want to complete it and have something to show for my efforts. Tonight I wanted to do just 1 Pomodoro, because mentally, I just didn’t want to code.  Five Pomodoro’s later and I reached the Boolean section in the Javascript portion.

Will stop here for tonight. I don’t want to go overboard and get burned out.

Going to go to sleep while I read Jon Duckett’s Javascript and jQuery. I think I’m having a hard time understanding to program because I don’t understand terminology. I can follow the examples just fine but if it weren’t for them, I couldn’t do the example just by reading the terms.

Things you should check out that were discussed tonight: