Hour 2: WireFraming, part 2

If you’re just tuning in, I’m making my friend, Stacy, a website and I’ve assigned myself a project I call “The Project“, where I follow DevTips’ Travis Neilson’s Web Design Walkthrough in the hopes of making Stacy a cool and informative website.

I’m now working on Hour 2: Wireframing.  I was going to break this hour into two blog posts, but it might take three, we’ll see.

I decided to use my hour long commute to work (thanks MTA) on the actual wireframing based on last night’s discoveries.  I started off playing around with mobile design, as that’s our main concern based on our target audience.  I came up with a few ideas:

I want the site to look interesting, but at the same time, I don’t want to fix what isn’t broken.


I was a bit stressed out because there’s only so much you can do to make your site stand out and be a little different from other mobile sites.  I then did a few desktop sketches, which I seemed to enjoy a bit more because there’s more real estate to work with on a monitor screen.  I remembered that overall, we want it to not be cluttered, which made me realize that’s why the mobile wireframing was hard for me.  How do you make such a small screen NOT seem cluttered?  I’m determined to accomplish having a tidy, clear, and uncluttered site.


So far, what I do know is, that I would really like to learn a new skill while working on this site. I’m thinking that’ll be Sass. Because, I want to be sassy.  No, I’m just super curious to why people refer it over bootstrap.

I’m leaning towards the first two ideas, however, I see Javascript and lots of jQuery in my future.


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