Happy Belated New Years!  I haven’t been ignoring the blog or forgotten about it. I’ve actually been wanting to write about a lot of things going through my head.  On New Year’s eve I saw that this blog is over two years old and I am not near where I wanted to be.

I have to come clean and be honest: I don’t know if I EVER want to learn a back-end language to build an app.  I think having to learn things I don’t WANT to learn right now is a part of what is holding me back a little.  I want to make things pretty and use psychology and Jedi mind tricks to keep you engaged on websites that I’ve designed.  I want to manipulate your time with my great use of typography and my great eye for color selection. Maybe I’ll make a sexy drop down menu that shimmies to the left to reveal sub-menus, but that may be the furthest into “programming” I’ll ever want to go.


“So what? Who cares if you want to be a designer that codes?”  It’s not that I care that you care.  It’s that I’m a bit elitist. I know how programmers are looked at: Like geniuses, engineers!  While front end developers/designers are just seen like artists, painters or “architects”.  We can make things look good, but can we actually make them work?

2015 was a year where I confronted myself and decided to live the life I wanted to live, and the first thing I did was to be honest with myself.  So here I am being honest with myself:  At this moment in my life, I want to be a designer who codes.  Whatever official title out there for me, that’s fine.  I don’t want to get bogged down with titles and names.  I’m an artist. Point blank.