Always playing catch up on this blog

Don’t think I’ve neglected this blog.  I think about updating about every other day.  I’m not coding as much as I would like.  Things have happened in the real world and unfortunately I’ve had to focus more on family issues that are occurring, lack of time and stress levels make it hard to sit down and work.

I’ve been listening to podcasts to keep myself in the zone somehow. I can’t stop thinking of coding and websites.  This is the only thing in my life right now that’s consistent, and I’m hardly doing it, but it’s always there, in teh back of my mind, waiting for my return.  Some cool things that I’ve experienced since my last blog post, but prior to my family drama occurring:

-Went to my first real networking meet-up on June 23rd.  MotherCoders was hosting an event at EtsyHQ , cohosted by Codenewbies, Steamrolers and DevBoot Camp.  I met a lot of amazing women. It was so exciting that I wanted to write as soona s I go home that night but I was SO excited and fan-girling like crazy that I wanted to wait a bit so that I could iron out the details of the event and jot them down.

-I have become a contributor on the Codenewbie Blog, curating the Front-End Roundup, a bi-weekly post. I freaking love it! Come check out it and the other Roundups.

-Have started a company with some colleagues from my library days.  I’m both excited and scared about this, as I don’t feel I know enough, but in the past I have worked with people that didn’t know ANYTHING in their perspective fields, yet they were signing my paycheck.  I figure I at least love what I do.

-Decided that I will be Front-end developing after all.  I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t just learn and DO.  I have to work and learn as I go along.

-I’m currently working on a friends site.  I am building the case-study for it.  and will be moving on to the UX/UI and then build from there.  Maybe not in this order, as I am playing around with color schemes and nav-bar layout.

-Up until about 4 weeks ago I was going on a pretty steady course on Freecodecamp.com.   I love that site. LOVE.IT!

-Updated the laptop to Windows 10.  Haven’t really been on to judge it, but I’m liking it a lot more than Windows 8, as of this moment, it feels like 7.  Time will tell how much I love it.

Topic Links:


Codenewbie Blog

FreeCode Camp

My Goal List:

-friends site

-company site

-redesign LipstickandCode.com

-Code more, read more about UX/UI

-Make that money.