I Git it!

Last night I didn’t upload the code I had worked on this weekend in my repository.  I went over my notes and tried to do it on my own, but I felt a disconnect.  So I went on youtube and looked through vids and came across a youtube video that walks you through the process very clearly.  I followed along and within 45 minutes (I was taking more notes and doing everything step by step) I got my code into my repository.  This is VERY exciting stuff. I’m smiling from ear to ear. I’ve added the video I followed below.  It’s only the first 20 minutes and the rest covers two people working on the same repository.  For now, I’m keeping it simple and just worrying about how to update my code.

On a side note: my picture did make it into the web article that I was interviewed for.  You can check it out here:

NY Daily News NYPL Tech_Connect Classes


Puh-Puh-Puh-Push It Real Good… to Github

I stayed up late last night making those changes to the site and all day it bugged me that I couldn’t figure out how to upload them to Github.  After I got home and settled in, I started the Github Course on Codeschool, (if you can afford it, check it out, i LOVE them!) and completed the first level.  This first level is free, just create a free account on Codeschool.  I’ve come to see that getting my little badges speaks to my little gamer-girl heard and is reminiscent to the good old days when I would whore my time to obtain WOW Achievements.

So, I tried to upload my code with the little intro to github I got, nope. No cigar, no Senor. Maybe I’m tired, and my brain isn’t putting two and two together right now, however, I took a LOT of notes and have a better understanding of the pull/push/branch commands. So yay for learning and comprehending something new.


And on another note: I came out in today’s NY Daily News.  Please excuse the blurry picture, the article was printed on the first edition of the day and my mom was the one who was able to find a copy and sent me a pic. I’m very excited about my 30 seconds of fame.

  • NY_Daily_News


Seems like I’m going to need to read up and do some github tutorials. I understand the concept, but I only downloaded the GUI and that’s harder to understand than just doing it through the command line. I think it’s time to call it a night. At least I finally spruced up the site I was workingon a little.  I got a little jQuery slidershow action going on, however the edges of the pictures are multiplying.  Not worrying about that tonight, just wish I could’ve uploaded so that the changes would show.

Whatever, all in all, a productive weekend, coding-wise.


Learning Vs. Doing

This weekend I had a plan to work on the projects I currently have.  I was extra pumped. I wanted to fix up and polish the first website I ever did.  It was the personal project I worked on during the New York Public Library’s: Project Code class.  The website is for a friend of mine and I always felt it was lacking.  I used my design skills and the code I had learned but it always felt like there was something missing.

I really haven’t looked at the code much since I turned in the project and the first thing I noticed when I opened it up was ID’s EVERYWHERE.  Not classes.  It made me chuckle a little and then I did an internal groan, thinking of how long this code was up on Github.  For a split second I imagined the hundreds of people that probably looked through my code and probably chuckled.  Ah well, I least I caught it.

I changed all the ID to classes and it somehow broke the layout and everything was a mess. I started making the site responsive and using Bootstrap to fix it and then I reverted back to leaving it as a static site for now, because I kind of want to show my learning transition.  So I tried the best I could to fix it without Bootstrap, and it’s so much harder to do that.  Holy Moly. I spent what should’ve been 2-3 hours fixing this site, to almost the whole weekend, and it’s not even finished yet.

It seemed a challenge because I had to go back and just rethink of how to do things and it made me wonder: Am I really learning while I do the tutorials or would I be learning more if I just jumped in and did a project?  I feel that with the tutorials, I learn to see somewhat of the bigger picture and can comprehend things when I eventually dig in. With the learning as I go, I discover new things, but I don’t necessarily understand what I’m looking at.  I feel like I’m hunting for code to copy that will give me the desired outcome.

At this time in my career, does it matter?  Is it enough to be able to design what and figure out how to make it work and look exactly how you envisioned? Is THIS impostor syndrome? Does this mean I’m actually on my way to being a real developer?


It’s been awhile…

I always make promises that I will post regularly, I promise this post isn’t about that. Maybe I’m just the type of blogger that blogs every so often.  At my job we have this philosophy: If we spend all our time having meetings and talking about the projects, there won’t be time left over to actually do the work. That’s kind of how I feel sometimes.  It’s like, I can get excited because I discovered what the DOM is, and I try to explain it here, but, would it mean the same thing to you?

Well, if I were to explain what the DOM is, maybe you might.  I know that after countless months reading up on the DOM and not understanding what it was, I finally understood it, thanks to the help of CodeSchool‘s jQuery course.  According to Codeschool the DOM (Document Object Model) is “A tree-like structure created by browsers so we can quickly find HTML elements using Javascript.”

I used to think that the DOM was, in a way like a programming language, based on the books I was reading.  I feel like I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  If you share the same train of thought as I did, I’ll be the first person to I’ll tell you it isn’t.   So your HTML opens up in your browser and starts loading into the DOM, the tree like structure. The DOM, reads your HTML elements and turns it into nodes.   There are two types of nodes:  Element nodes and Text nodes.  Element nodes are our tags: <html>, <div>,<h1>, <p>, etc.  Text Nodes are the text that fall between the tags, aka the content such as the words inside the <h1>, <title>, <p>, etc.

If this makes no sense to read, you can check out the video that enlightened me:

So what else have I been up to these past few weeks, in no particular order:

  1. Getting interviewed for a very public newspaper regarding my experience with the New York Public Library Project Code Class.  It should be published sometime soon, I’ll post that here when that happens.
  2. I took on two clients and am working on their sites right now, which I’m VERY excited about.
  3. Listening to podcasts and engaging in Codenewbies Talk on Twitter every Wednesday at 9 EST (I’ve missed these last two Wednesday *Sad Panda*).  To follow along just search for the hastag #codenewbie.
  4. Trying to come up with a design for my this page.  As a developer, I shouldn’t be having a generic WordPress theme.  I want some fat, curvy font with personality.
  5. Finishing up the two sites I’ve already worked on but that could use some polishing, considering that I have a few more tricks up my sleeves.
  6. Getting back into the groove of things of going to the gym.