Crazy little thing called Logo

I love Instagram and I’m on it more than any other social media platform. I follow health and fitness pages, a few celebrities, friends and family and more recently web developers/ designers.  One of the developers I follow put up a logo for sale. I soon as I saw it I HAD to have it. We chit-chatted back and forth and I asked if he could make some slight tweaks, I’d buy it but I’d be able to wait until today (Friday, aka PayDay). He said he’d hold it for me but if I changed my mind to let him know ASAP.

I thought about it all week and honestly, the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the logo and somehow I went from buying a logo, to getting ideas for revamping the blog, maybe even buying a domain, hell an ACTUAL web presence (anyone who’s anyone seems to have a cool handle or just a cool name overall).  After I paid for the logo, my new screen name came to me… like… magic.

I’ve had a few friends ask me now that I have a logo, will I break free and freelance.  I’m not sure. I want to make some extra cash on the side while I continue learning and having a cool little corner of the internet to call my own.   I’m so excited to get working on getting my domain name, setting up my new website, changing up my online handles and maybe printing business cards?  What… you never know 😉


Jammin’ with jQuery (and I hope you like Jammin’ too.)

I haven’t given up coding. Was just busy/ occupied with bootcamp (a working out bootcamp, not a developing bootcamp).  I felt too drained to give it my all, but in the forefront of everything was coding. So this week, I took a break from working out and vegged for 2 days and then, I’ve been coding when I get home form work and during lunch.  Still working through Freecodecamp’s tutorial and honestly, it’s been my favorite so far.

I like the fact that they don’t focus too much on HTML and CSS, within a few hours you’ve moved on to something else and that’s jQuery.  Now, most other tutorials have you learning Javascript first or they want you to learn the history of the internet and how the internet works. I’m not against these methods, but I’m the type that wants to see physical progress in my learning fairly quickly.  With learning jQuery, a Javascript library, I feel like I’m getting a taste of Javascript and I’m able to understand it better.

Freecodecamp has you work on the jQuery tutorial on Codecademy, and as someone who has completed 24% of the Javascript path (TWICE!) and 71% of the jQuery path (and highly enjoying it) I can highly recommend if you’re struggling with understanding JS, to jump on jQuery.  Javascript starts you out with learning strings, variables, what-if statements and booleans.  You want to know why I took the Javascript path twice and only made it to 24% each time? because once the lesson turned to if-what statements and Booelans i just went “Huh? How will this help me make great, fast, cool looking websites?”

It was so hard to follow along that I thought I had missed something (Nope, no cigar).  Now with jQuery? I know how to focus, resize, OH, and I finally FINALLY learned what the DOM is!  Honestly, it’s not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be. Magical, yes. Complicated and hard to wrap your head around, no.   I’ve not only learned and understood syntax, but I remember it.  I freaking love it. I will never understand the school of thought that says that in order to master something you have to learn to do it the long and hard way first.  To me, that’s counterproductive.  If I learn the “quick/easy” way to do something I’m more inclined to learn why did this come to be.  Where did this easier step evolve from? What made the old method harder to work with?  I’m now looking forward to work on Javascript, just not too soon.  I’m having too much fun with jQuery.