Catching up

I feel like i haven’t been on in forever.   Please excuse any typos,  I’m upstanding from my phone #TechnologyIsAwesome.  I have been the craziest, busiest and also most stressed and happy I’ve been since my last post.
Last weekend i killed my computer.   I went from uninstalling mySql so that i could restart one of the Skillcrush WordPress tutorial lessons to actually having to upload windows 8 from a windows 7 recovery disk. Long story short: i went from being a murderer on Saturday morning to a super hero Sunday evening.   Work done: zero.  To add salt to my wounds: what i thought i had done wrong was just a cache issue in the browser.   Lesson learned: tutorial creators are human,  akways ask questions when you get stuck.

My ‘9 to 5’ has been a bit stressful this week, but it wasn’t its fault.   I haven’t really been able to focus for some reason.   I don’t know what it is,  i feel off-balance.   I get distracted easily.   I don’t know if it’s the noise level sometimes or maybe because I’m feeling like I want to work at a faster pace and i can’t, because my brain isn’t working right and I’m getting paranoid about wanting to be faster; I’m getting paranoid.  My husband says i need to sleep more.   I’ll sleep later on.   I need to make up for all the years i lost.   That’s a story for another post,  hell,  another blog.

I decided to redo the startup site using bootstrap.   It was going slow (but steady) this week.   I was teaching myself bootstrap as i went along and dependent on where i felt it needed tweaking.  Today i discovered that codeschool released a bootstrap tutorial.   I wad so excited i completed the whole thing today.   I freaking love it!
I wanted to jump in and start using my new found knowledge on the startup website,  but I’m putting my child to bed (hence, my cellphone update).  I’ll come back later and will add links to a few things.


Quick update

Just a quick recap of what’s been happening in the past week or so since I’ve posted. Bullet points to keep it short and sweet, as it’s late and I’m sleepy:

  • On Wednesday, I met with the small business owner who’s site I worked on with my class from the New York Public Library.  For those of you tuning in, he’s developing an app and he works for a highly respected news publication.  We talked, he definitely wants  me to be hands on (yay!) and he asked if I would like for him to mentor me (Fuck yeah!).  He gave me the back end credentials to his site (sweet).
  • Friday: Listened in on a webinar hosted by Skillcrush regarding their blueprints and explaining what they were about.  I’ve been wanting to do Skillcrush for abotu 6 months now and I just never really had the money.  I don’t really have the money now, but I had to take a chance on myself.  I chose the WordPress Blueprint (I had been eyeing the Web Developer one for awhile), as the site I’ll be working on with mentor is on WordPress.  Hello Signs! Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  • Sunday: Finished my resume, because Mentor wanted to get a feel of my background.  Played around on his wordpress for a bit and asked a few questions regarding the HTML/CSS he wants changed.  I still need/want to know a bit of background information  before I go in there and mess things up to the point I can’t get it back.
  • Also on Sunday: Checked out the Skillcrush class and did Monday’s lesson.
  • Monday: Did the skillcrush Tuesday class (I’m impatient).  Mentor asked me to reach out to  my NYPL instructor and the coordinator of the program and I did that too.   Also reached out to a friend and one of his employees about building a site for each of them (the employee is also a model).  I told my friend my vision of what I wanted to do for him:  Website with pictures, little bios for his employees, a picture gallery, an about page, an FAQ section for clients because he has clients asking him the same 20 questions over and over again EVERYDAY. A section where clients can view more content if they join and they will also receive a monthly email newsletter depicting what’s up and coming in the next few weeks.    I figure, fuck it.  The worse they can say is no.  My friend already replied and asked “So when are you starting?”
  • I also started thinking I can break down packages for people.  Package A can range from $ – $$$ and you get these features.  Package B offers you Package A’s features plus these extra features for the additional cost of $$-$$$$ and so on.  I’m thinking 3 packages.  One for static sites, one responsive or extra goodies, I don’t know, we’ll see.  I’m excited.  Have to start drafting up proposals or at least a nice little looking invoice header.

I didn’t know this time last year I would feel this crazy drive to just go OUT there and jump into this thing.  I feel this crazy energy just coursing through my veins.  This feels right.  I’m finally feeling like I’m working on what I was destined to do for along time now.  Not only do I feel motivated and passionate, I am DOING something about it.  This is happiness.

My quick update wasn’t as quick as I thought, ah well.  Que sera, sera.


The Odin Project:Introduction to the Back End: Ruby Basics, Part 1.

Yesterday I finally sat down at the computer and decided to code a little.  I skipped what I needed to complete in the HTML/CSS and Javascript/Jquery unit.

I did #1 and #2 of the Back End section from the Odin Project.  Step 1 is introduction to the back end.  It was mostly a lot reading. Step 2 is the Ruby Basics Tutorial .

I spent most of the day (although not all consecutively) working on #1.  #1 is to go and do CodeSchool‘s free TryRuby.org tutorial. It started off well, despite there being a flurry of activity around me.   I was able to follow along and comprehend most of everything in the beginning until it get to file management (or is it file handling).  I was climbing steadily on the Ruby Trail and then all of a sudden we took a left turn and I was climbing steeply into a land I had never ventured to before and never imagined existed.

It left like I was being taught basic arithmetic and then I was thrown into string theory all in a course of 10 minutes.  By the time we turned a corner and came back to normal territory I felt lost and just continued through the motions.  When I went ot work on #2, I noticed that part 1 reads:

Don’t worry about the stuff where they’re reading from a file, that’s getting deeper than you need to right now.

This only proved to show me, that I need to pay a little more attention.


2015 and future goals

I realize I started this blog about a year ago.  About 13 months ago I decided that I would learn programming and become a developer.  I am not where I’d like to be, but I am VERY happy with the fact that despite sometimes being discouraged or overwhelmed, I have not quit.

This might not seem like a huge deal to many, but to me, it means the world.  I am trying to get away from the “If this doesn’t click right away, I’m quitting” mentality I’ve had in the past.  I have a few things I look back upon and wish I hadn’t quit and just pushed through the hard and boring stuff.

I am still sticking to The Odin Project tutorial. I’m a little iffy about it. But because it’s back or lacking, but because if I read about HTML and CSS in detail (again) I might puke.  I want to move on and bit really deal with it, but feel guilty moving unto something else, because, what if I miss something?  How will I function without checking off the “Lesson Completed”  checkbox (that thing is ADDICTIVE).

I  think for the sake of keeping my sanity and just learning more I’m going to have to bypass it (for now) and come back to it later on.  I was really excited when I installed Ruby and I kind of want that addict’s “fix”, where I felt like I was on top of the world, because I spent hours on Google and somehow, in a small corner of the internet, I found the answer.

Goals for 2015:

-learn a back-end language (Python or Ruby)

-follow MIT’s videos or CS50.

-Take a SkillCrush Blueprint.  Check them out, they’re FANTASTIC!  I haven’t been able to take one due to budgeting reasons.

-Make a portfolio of my work!

-Learn Git.

-Learn the command line more in depth

-Get a new laptop.  Yes, I had one, exchanged it for something else.  Hated it too.  What I want, isn’t in my budget at the moment.

-By the end of December, start interviewing for part-time remote Junior Developer positions.

-Polish my skills in the front end department.

-not developer related but I want to start drawing/sketching again.

-Become a better writer/blogger.

Things learned in 2014:

– It’s okay to pace yourself, take breaks here and there and rest.  Burning out can put you out of commission for a week (or more).  I was off almost a full week but was so burned out between work and hardly sleeping due to researching and reading, that I couldn’t bear to be at the computer for more than 10 minutes.  I spent most of the week spending time with family and catching up on sleep.  It was a much needed break, but I wish I hadn’t been so burned out that I took advantage of that time.


Working in groups. IT isn’t as bad as I thought;  In fact, I loved working in a group more than I enjoyed working alone.  I don’t know if it was the particular group I was working with, or just I like working in groups when coding.

Google is God.  ‘Nuff said.

-You can build apps on any language. It’s mostly a personal preference what language you decide to build on.  So just pick a language, any language and learn it.