Christmas Day

All i want to do is jump on my computer and pick up where i left off last on The Odin Project, but after last night’s festivities my brain is mushy and my eyes feel weird and think it’s best to just lay here on the couch and close my eyes,  listen to the sounds of Mini-me as he plays with his new array of train sets and veg out. 

I feel a little burned out. 

frustrated, installation, rails, ruby

I’m the king of the world!



I decided to step away and go to bed and try again tomorrow.   Took a shower and decided to try one last time. .. 45 minutes later…I.FREAKING.GOT.IT!!!! I’m so… omg. .. Christmas came early for me!


If you or someone you love is struggling with installing ruby on windows: this is what got me over the hill:


Source:  Stackoverflow!

Omg… I’m…words can’t describe just how competent I feel!

This accomplishment brought to you by blood, sweat and tears and by the word Google.


frustrated, installation, rails, ruby

Installing Rails on Windows…

Makes me want to put the Windows OS on the tracks and run over it with the #4 train a few times.

It wasn’t any easier when I tried it on Ubuntu.  In fact, I got further with windows than with Ubuntu. Seriously, I SO getting a mac.  I’m so done.

I swear, if I still had a guild on World of Warcraft I’d name is “binding_of_caller” in honor of the gem that stumped me.  UGH.

and to this a migraine from playing with minecraft and it’s pretty much been a crappy 3.5 hours.  At leas tI’ve become very familiar with the command prompt, which by the way, SUCKS.  I prefer Ubuntu’s terminal.  At least it was purple.  Yes, I know I can change it, but why go through the trouble?

time spent tonight: 3.5 hours


Staying motivated during the holidays

It’s been hard keeping up the motivation during the holidays.  Between deadlines at work, clients needing everything done yesterday, the holiday crazyness, and feeling guilty about not spending as muc time as I’d like with mini-me, I was starting to let my motivation slip.

I feel fortunate I’m always reading and researching new things.  I came a cross an e-book last night named “No Degree, No Problem” by Josh Kemp. Check his blog here.  It was a short, but motivational read.  He went from fitting horses with shoes to teaching himself programming all the while working a full time job, and being a husband and dad with small children.

In the book he states the best way to succeed is to study at minimum, 3 hours a day or a total of 21 hours total and to keep track of it.  It made a LOT of sense to document what you learn in each study session.  He also said to blog at least three times a week.  I don’t know how I’ll be able to go around that, when it seems to take me about an hour or two to update my blog.  Maybe I’ll write it out by hand and maybe update during my lunch hour?  I wouldn’t want it to take away from my studying window, which it’s doing now.  I get easily distracted at home, when updating blogs if mini-me is nearby. As for learning, 3 hour blovks makes sense, as I feel I learn the most when I’m deeply immersed.  He also gave a nice breakdown to start doing things to lead to your finding success in the shortest amount possible, blogging being one of them (yay, I’m already on the path to success, go me!).

After reading I felt thirsty for more and decided to revisit the “How to Hold a Pencil”  podcast, where I listened to two interviews. The first was with Tara Jane Feener.  Her interview stuck out at me because she shared the following quote they use at her place of employment (FiftyThree):

“In my experience it’s in the act of making things and doing our work that we figure out who we are.”

-Austin Kleon

It was my head exploded when she recited those words.  My whole life has been about “finding myself” and trying to figure out “who” I was.  I am JUST starting to find that road, when I completely lost myself by sitting down, waiting out of fear for the person I was to come out and say “hey, here I am.”  I looked up Austin Kleon and bought his book, “How to Steal like an Artist.”  Where WAS this book 10 years ago?  You know what?  Doesn’t matter, it’s here now.  I’m halfway done reading already.

The next interview I listened to was from Patrick Johnson, co-host of “The Start FM” had a great interview and I decided to check out his podcast, since I hadn’t been on it in a few weeks. On it I came across two interviews that REALLY stuck out to me. The first was  Avi Flombaum, Founder of the FlatIron School (which is a few blocks from my workplace) and his interview BLEW me away. This guy is AMAZING. I have such a nerd crush on his brain, I listened to the interview TWICE today.  I can’t write about it, because I can spend two hours writing about it, just go check it out for yourself.

Throughout the whole second hearing of the interview, I kept thinking of how I wish the FlatIron School had a part-time program, and now when I was looking around, as I was copying their page’s link, I discovered that they do now! Anyone have $3.5k laying around?  Maybe it’s time I started looking into ads to monetize this here little corner of my blog.  And yes, I requested a syllabus and will more than likely use it to help me carve my little workflow.

Now, I’m returning back to The Odin Project.  I have been rereading the HTML section for about a week now.  I have about an hour left of studying so off I go.

Blogging: 2 hours.

Studying: 1 hour.


Avoidance doesn’t make your issues go away

I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth. I’m still around, avoiding my blog… because I’ve only had one thing on my mind and I know if I came on, I’d have to face it.  I’m finally ready to face it.

First things first: Last week I attended Code Crew’s Giving Back event which was about teaching Javascript to work on an instagram API.  .  It was part of “the hour of code” week.  It was good, very informative.  It started with us downloading Git and Heroku.  I was having trouble keeping up because my computer was acting up and it was somewhat fast paced (for me, at least). The class was more than an hour and by the time it started picking up and getting into it, I was not only lost, I had to leave.  Between being up early for work, the class starting 2.5 hours AFTER I finished work, feeling tired (and guilty about not being home with Mini-me), I left before it was over.  Funnily enough, I saw the instructor in an event this past weekend and apologized for leaving early and told him it had nothing to do with the class.

Things I learned:  If the class isn’t directly after work, or on my way home, I shouldn’t attend unless it’s like, an AMAZING event.  The class took place in the Bronx, where I live, but you never stop to realize HOW big the Bronx is, until you have to commute across  town at 10 pm.  Thank god for cabs.

Last night I attended Beginner Programmer’s Meetup where they taught Javascript.  It FINALLY started sinking in last time.  The syntax finally started making sense,  I was so excited!

Okay, now, for the moment of truth… I even stalled for an hour to not face what I don’t want to admit outside of myself.  Two weeks ago I saw the small business owner that I worked on for the New York Public Library program.  I had an amazing meeting and it was GREAT.  It felt like a great meeting of the minds.  During the meeting he had asked me for my resume, to gauge my experience and what my general background has been and I’ve just been STUCK on updating my resume.  I don’t know why, he just wants to see a work history, as he already knows I haven’t been developing for too long.

He did reached out and wanted to meet last Friday, but I had a previously scheduled work engagement.  I told him I would send my resume soon, but haven’t.  I’m scared to.  I am scared to take this first step into something I’ve been wanting for a really long time: to work in an artistic/creative field where everyday is different and I am able to problem solve.

I currently (almost) have this in my life, at my job.  I’m never bored at my job.  I have deadlines, demanding clients, problems to resolve and things to juggle.  The only thing really missing is the artistic aspect of it.  I really love my job and I’m not sure I’m ready to put myself in a position where job offers will come my way (I must be crazy, right?).  I know even starting off somewhere as a junior developer I’d be making more money.  But it’s not about money for me, I will never shun more money away, trust me.  I’m not  scared of switching fields, working in a male dominated field or having to start in a new place from scratch.  I’m scared of working with people that are assholes.

The main reason why I ADORE my job is because of the people I work with.  I spent 4 years in my current field and it was in a very hostile environment, one so bad that HR departments would be busy dealing with lawsuits for months.  I was ready to just quit, but I couldn’t due to having a child.  That’s why I decided to get into development.  Build up skills to have something else to fall back on.  The past 7 months I’ve been working at a really great place, with amazing people.  I like waking up and going to work in the morning.  I CARE about my projects again.  I don’t want to lose that.  If I was making more money in a hostile environment like I have in the past, I would probably walk away.  No amount of money can make up for that.

I know it’s silly.  Showing my resume to one person isn’t going to have hundreds of job openings fall at my feet.  Or dozens of headhunters knocking on my door for a chance to recruit me.

Sigh, let me go dust of my resume and update the thing already.


fedora 21

Fedora 21 dropped today.  I think that’s why I was having issues with it yesterday.  I uploaded it.  It’s…okay.  I’m not impressed. It seems very…empty. Like, content is missing. or like, it’s incomplete.  I don’t know.  It’s beautiful…but… i’m not impressed. It’s slow, too.

I will try it out again in a few weeks.  Will go and try Mint now.  Hopefully this will work.


cha cha changes

Although the blog has been calm for a few days, I have not been.  Last week was a littel busy for me.  On Tuesday i took a “Learn with me: Bootstrap” Course that was put together by Codenewbies.com.  I followed through with a tutorial and I became familiar with Bootstrap.

Wednesday I met with the local business owner we did the NYPL group project.  He works for a well known newspaper and still needs more hands on his app.  I was beyond extatic.  I felt like I was floating on air.  Someone thought I had enough skill to work on their project. ME!

He wants to see my resume and I told him I would need to update it. He told me, not a problem, that he wants to see what else I have to offer. Now I feel stuck updating it.  What exactly do I write?  Should it be chronological to showcase how far I’ve come?  Should it reflect my schooling/design background?  There’s not much there, to be honest.


Thursday I went to an event hosted at NYU for Dragonage (the game)about storytelling development.  It wasreally interesting to see how these worlds are created and to learn what goes on before the game is deployed.


The rest of the weekend I spent it catching up wiht a friend as well as getting some much needed sleep.  Last night (Sunday) I  decided to jump back into things and pick up where I left off with The Odin Project.  I was up to the install railsfest lesson (sorry, trying to write as much and as fast as I can before I fall asleep).  I installed Ruby, Rails, Heroku, Git and created my SSH Keygen.  When I was at the last step (create a tester app) it wouldn’t do it because for some reason gem rake 10.4.2 couldn’t be updated due to the certificate not working.  I googled this and it seemed it had to do with the recent version that had been released 2 days before and no one seemed to really have a solution.  The only thing I came up with was that I needed to install Linux on the Lappy.


I tried installing Fedora AND Mint17 on Lappy tonight and for whatever reason, THAT also failed.  I figured I would give these other distros a chance since the main PC has Ubuntu.  Oh well. I’m thinking of just skipping this lesson in the Odin Project and heading over to the HTML/CSS course.  But that won’t be tonight.  I’m exhausted.



Last night I joined a “Learn with Me: Bootstrap” session that was organized over on Codenewbie.org.  It was supposed to be  small group, just 4 students plus the host.  Somehow the host couldn’t make it, and the only other student that showed up was kind of “hosting”.  She was given the instruction that we should work through the exercise that was given (previously emailed), together.  And that we would “enlighten” one another.

Enlightened I was!  She knew more about Bootstrap than she gave herself credit for. I was able to see her screen through the hosting site we were using and saw how bash looked on a Mac.  Needless to say, it looked so pretty and easy to use compared to command prompt. I got a windows laptop this week and have been using that to get comfortable using a portable device; I wasn’t sure if I was going to upload Ubuntu/Mint on to it.  I really liked playing around on Ubuntu, but it’s just easier to navigate the beast you know, while learning, but seeing how bash looked last night, I just might wipe this laptop and go linux/unix.

Back to the session: She also touched base on WAMP, which I had never heard of.  Apparently it works like a server and you can create apps on it using Apache and MySQL.  You need WAMP  if you use  a blogging tool  like wordpress.org. With WAMP, you can upload your files offline and you can see how your site looks before making it go live.

Back to bootstrap: The session was nice, it was her and I and she took the reins for the most part. I was intimidated, I’ll be honest.  But she didn’t make me feel that way, I just felt like I didn’t know enough to enlighten her.  I kind of felt bad that I was just following along.  She kept saying she wasn’t really familiar with this and had read the exercise as I had, but she just seemed to GET it.  It wasn’t what she knew, really,it was more how she kind of jumped in and was like, “okay, I don’t know this, BUT I’ll read through it, jump in and work through it and it reminded me so much of Ralph, my teacher in the NYPL program. He kept saying to read each instruction line by line and just DO AS IT SAID.